credit score

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A credit score is a numerical expression based on a statistical analysis of a person's credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of that person.
Get the score that lenders use

credit score

most from the company that invented it. myFICO gives you free, immediate access to your FICO credit score.
FICO scores are the credit scores most lenders use to determine your credit risk. Understand where all 3 of your scores comes from.
Check your credit report and credit score with toll-free support, business credit reports, identity theft protection, and marketing solutions - Experian Official Site
Get your credit score from by signing up for a membership.
When you order your $1 Credit Report and Score here, you will begin your 7-day trial membership in If you don't cancel your membership within the 7 .
A credit score in the United States is a number representing the creditworthiness of a person, the likelihood that person will pay his or her debts.
Site set up by the big three credit reporting agencies in the United States, to furnish free annual credit reports, as required by federal law. Date of availability .
Your Credit Scores. Consumer Federation of America Fair Isaac Corporation. Credit Scores Are Vital to Your Financial Health. A credit score is a number that helps lenders and .
What is a credit score and what is it designed to do? "The FICO score is the single best summary score of one's credit worthiness," says E-Loan President and Chief .
Get 3 free credit scores and credit reports from 3 credit credit score bureaus Experian, Equifax
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